“I flew into Australia in February 2016 with the aim of purchasing a motorhome that would cater for a big lap around Australia for a large family of 6. I visited Mr Matt Exley at Truck Master Expedition Vehicles and ended up purchasing one of his trucks after finding everything else too small.

The truck I purchased had lots of thought placed into the build! From the Japanese choice of chassis for reliability and availability of spares (should they be needed) to the construction of the body. Everything is easily accessible. The quality of electrics and plumbing used is second to none. The strength of the frame and masonry make sure it won’t fall apart while experiencing kilometres of the famous Australian corrugations. Plenty of thought also went into the interior design, storage space, with internal heights of 2 meters to a proper sized shower and toilet as well as enough fresh/grey water carrying capacity! Need I say more.

It’s easy to see these trucks are not a mass produced or engineered to meet costs, but are a motorhome to which, as a foreigner, I could entrust the safety and reliability to take my whole party for an amazing trip through all four corners of Australia.

Matt’s also great to deal with. After a couple of hours of discussion with Matt (and his no hold back Australian attitude), I was convinced that this guy was not only an honest man but knew what he was talking about when it came to motorhome travel. Especially when you apply what is been thoroughly tested in the marine Industry to a land yacht – very little can go wrong! I needed a vehicle that could afford us permanent living, not just camping and the decision was made to ask Matt to modify one of his current builds to suit our needs.

Truckmaster not only proved to be a reliable partner for all the modifications I required but also able and willing to lend me support and knowledge that allowed me to easily accomplish tasks such as COI inspections & Rego Changes to a full-fledged Motorhome, Highways Tolls machines, VHF radio upgrades and you name it…”

Emiliano Ceresa , Family & Bobo, Perisher, NSW

Truckmaster Expedition Vehicles